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A Fresh Start Treatment Program
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The Program To Give Your Daughter Hope AND Help

We want to give your daughter the opportunity to CREATE her PASSION FILLED LIFE!

With each new day, we have the opportunity to put the past behind us.  We can embrace the exciting mystery & adventure of tomorrow.  We can relish the present moment with gratitude in our hearts for the precious gift of NOW!

It is in the NOW that we can change, inspire, create, serve, love, laugh, and exercise the wonderful gift of choice.

Our choices create our destiny and we choose our path.

We want this to be a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE which will last a lifetime for each young woman that comes through our Growing Principles Program!

Second Chances

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Growing Principles Program 5 Levels

Open Mind

Hard Work

Positive Attitude


Passion Interest Mapping

Our Program Principles for change

Level 1 – The Seedling Stage & Open Mind

This first level of the journey here at Second Chances is where all of our students begin. This is a time of reflection and the start of understanding why they are here.

We as a treatment team want to be sure that each student has “landed” before being assigned to a family unit within the program.

Saplings level, has its own therapeutic work and garden work that must be accomplished before a student can prove that they are able to be a positive influence to an assigned residential family unit.

When each student has shown that she can be trusted in being a member of a residential family unit then her time in saplings is done and she will move to open mind.


Our Program Principles for change

Level 2 – Hard Work 

Nurturing The Seed

This level of the program is meant to be able to provide an opportunity for our students to discover with an OPEN MIND the things that they are PASSIONATE about and would like to pursue in an effort to produce a PURPOSEFUL destination.

While they are PASSION INTEREST MAPPING, they are simultaneously exposed to numerous daily activities that allow them the opportunity to cultivate the ADD TO SELF PRINCIPLES.

This stage teaches your daughter to identify the top 5 things in her life that she loves and would like to PASSIONATELY pursue.

These 5 PASSION INTERESTS have to meet SCINSU FRUITING CRITERIA which are: passion interests have to be able to be planted, tended & nourished and it has to FRUIT a talent or skill that can be used to serve your family, community and the world!

Simultaneously the daily schedule from the team and individual chores, to super fun weekly activities are designed to give an opportunity for your daughter to practice the ADD TO SELF PRINCIPLES.

As we live our lives each day we can choose to just fly by the seat of our pants or we can

1. Plan

2. Prepare

3. Execute

4. Accomplish

5. Discuss

6. Review

7. Change & Discuss

Everything from daily gardening, hiking ZION national park, to planning a birthday party gives her an opportunity to go through the ADD TO SELF PRINCIPLES; if it’s your daughters turn to lead a project or team assignment she will begin with the process of the ADD TO SELF PRINCIPLES!

My daughter has been in SCINSU now for 10 months. This facility has been a Godsend, a safe haven for my daughter.  I’m writing this review with tears in my eyes because today my daughter is a different person.  I got my real daughter back, she’s also a new and improved woman with so many meaningful life skills that were taught at SCINSU.  Skills she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

Most importantly they’ve helped her heal spiritually, emotionally and physically

– Yeraida Medrano

Level 3 Grow – Postive Attitude & Aloha Principles

Nurturing Brings Growth.

After your daughter has mastered level 2 Hard Work, she will begin Stage 3 Grow – Positive Attitude and The Aloha Principles.

During this phase of the program, we provide real hands-on opportunities throughout the community for your daughter to ADD TO SELF with hands-on experience in an intern-like situation for these PASSION INTERESTS that SHE has MAPPED out; all of which qualify with FRUITING CRITERIA PURPOSEFUL DESTINATIONS!

Through this process of gaining real experience in the field of her PASSION INTERESTS, we can build the ACADEMIC PLANS POST HIGH SCHOOL and allow your daughter a taste of what college will be like in the field of her chosen PASSION INTEREST.

Our desire is to provide your daughter with an opportunity to EXPERIENCE HER PASSION INTERESTS and be able to truly GROW THE GOOD TREE! At this time we simultaneously introduce the ALOHA PRINCIPLES as a way to weave a connection between your daughter and the existing relationships that are all around us.

Level 4 & 5 – Integrity and Passion Interest Mapping

Level 5 concludes with an emphasis on completing all of the stages of the SCINSU GROWING PRINCIPLES with the remaining steps being:

  • INTEGRITY: Learning to be HONEST when no one is watching, only you know who the real you is, learn to live your life with PASSION FILLED INTEGRITY and have no regrets!
  • PASSION INTEREST MAPPING HOME and BEYOND: Until this point, parents have observed from a healthy distance the PASSION INTERESTS that have grown in their daughter and have sensed a change in their daughter’s ability to ADD TO SELF and conduct herself with THE ALOHA PRINCIPLES! All of the steps in the program; OPEN MIND, HARD WORK, POSITIVE ATTITUDE & INTEGRITY have been mastered and now it’s time to put her PASSION INTEREST MAPS into action back HOME and BEYOND!

This stage is implemented typically when negative peer dynamics have moved on and your daughter is THRIVING in the OPEN MINDED POSSIBILITIES of her PASSION INTEREST MAPS!

This becomes the new focal point when introducing the FAMILY INTEGRATION dynamic! Remember, if you don’t have a COMMON GOAL your just treading water. The COMMON GOAL is to carry on the PASSION INTEREST MAPS and all of the SCINSU GROWING PRINCIPLES back home as a FAMILY.

This commitment is that your family will dedicate one night a week for your family planning session so that your daughter will be able to share with her family the program step by step to help her remember the lasting effects of SECOND CHANCES in SOUTHERN UTAH, where PASSION=PURPOSE and PURPOSE=FULFILLMENT! With the commitment of the family, we know that THE GOOD TREE will GROW STRONGER and STRONGER until we have the pleasure of reuniting with our former student and her family again to walk through the SCINSU LEGACY GARDEN and catch up on all that is new and to REMEMBER the journey we have SHARED TOGETHER!