Sometimes great young women find themselves heading down the wrong path pursuing a life that clearly was not meant for them.

We want you to know that we can help! We want to help! We know that it is our life’s mission to help struggling young women receive a “ Second Chance” through our Growing Principles program.

Second Chances Growing Principles For Change

Our Program Principles For Change

Growing The Good Tree

We teach our students the importance of having an “OPEN MIND” and we liken it unto cultivating “Positive Mental Fertile Soil”.

Seeds of possibility can grow in accordance with each student’s individual passions and interests because “Passion=Purpose and Purpose=Fulfillment”.

It is critical to consciously “Grow the Good Tree, One Dendrite at a Time.

Passion = Purpose and Purpose = Fulfillment

We created a space that allows your daughter a Second Chance at discovering her inherent Passions and Interests!

We allow her the time and provide her with guidance to truly help her nourish these Passion Interests into a Purposeful destination!

We know that in the pursuit of creating a life with Passion and Purpose your daughter will discover Fulfillment!

Achieving Potential Through SCINSU Growing Principles

Original to Second Chances in Southern Utah is our SCINSU Growing Principles.

These Growing Principles are meant to provide a foundation to the work being performed in the pursuit of “Passion Interest Mapping” they are:

  1. Open Mind: Cultivating positive mental fertile soil.
  2. Hard Work: Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.
  3. Positive Attitude: We believe that we choose which mental garden we will tend. The seeds of positive or negative are ours to sow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Integrity: Being honest when no one is watching; only you know who the real you is.
  5. Mapping Home & Beyond With Passion Interest Maps: Closing the gap between passion and purpose in pursuit of fulfillment.

How Can We Help You?

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