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Former Students

Making the Most of Their Second Chance.

Overcoming Adversity


We love our girls that come through our program! We love seeing them progress, learn and grow as they embrace our learning principles and apply them in their own lives. It’s always rewarding to see the girls living the principles even years after leaving the program and to see them continuing to learn and grow.

Finding Purpose


It’s always amazing when our students choose to embrace the principles we teach here at SCINSU.  Each of our students form a unique and powerful bond with different aspects of the program and nothing makes us happier than when they let it bring about positive change to their lives.  

Finding Happiness


“Ella is doing very, very well. She’s a different kid. I truly believe SCINSU changed her life. Her new therapist has evaluated several areas with her to see where to help, but we’ve found no issues to resolve after 4 sessions! Her new psychiatrist is confident that you guys had the right diagnosis and meds, because they’re working so well for her and his evaluation lined up with yours. She started an online curriculum for school, and her grades are solid B’s & C’s. After the last month of doing what she’s supposed to do, she started drivers ed yesterday… eek! She’s starting to socialize with girls from church again, and that’s going well. too! Honestly, I have no negatives to report, I never would have imagined that she could be as happy as she is! “

“You’re the best! Thanks so much for all of your help.”