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Here at Second Chances in Southern Utah, we know that sometimes great young women find themselves heading down the wrong path pursuing a life that clearly was not meant for them.

Parents, are you struggling to help but feel lost and confused with why your promising young daughter is filling her life with dishonesty, skipping classes, disobeying authority, depressed & full of negativity, angry, abusing drugs and alcohol, hanging out with the wrong group of friends?

If your daughter is involved in any of the above issues we want you to know that we can help!

Adam AhQuin

Executive Director

Adam grew up in Southern Utah just outside of the St. George area. In high school, he was an accomplished athlete in track, football, wrestling, and gymnastics. After graduating from Hurricane High School in Southern Utah, Adam volunteered his time for two years in serving an ecclesiastical mission in the Philippines and learned to speak Tagalog proficiently.

Upon returning to the United States he accepted a full ride scholarship to Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah as a Gymnastics Coach. While at the University Adam started his first treatment center for troubled boys. Before finishing his last year of college he was given a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of performing with the World Entertainment company mainly with Sea World in San Diego. He reluctantly sold his successful treatment center but looked forward to performing with World Entertainment. While in San Diego he continued to coach gymnastics during the day and performed in the evenings. After several years of performing, he came back to SUU and finished his Degree in Psychology and once again coached the Universty’s women’s gymnastics team.

Once he finished his Degree he moved to Virginia to coach the private gymnastics club of GMS in Mananas for three years. Gymnastics has always been a passion, but so has influencing others for better and changing lives. It was in Virginia that Adam was able to really hone in on the true PASSION of his coaching. This PASSION is simply that; “I love to help people GROW!” It was in Virginia that Adam had the privilege of working with an amazing group of young women and their families. The strong connection with these young ladies and the success that followed changed Adam forever and shaped what is now The SCINSU GROWING PRINCIPLES: Open Mind, Hard Work, Positive Attitude, Integrity and Passion Interest Mapping! Because of these relationships coaching has been so fulfilling! After this incredible time in Virginia Adam then came back to Salt Lake City, Utah to be the Director and Principal for The Mana Academy K-12, a charter school with an emphasis in Polynesian culture. It was this experience that sparked Adams INTEREST and PASSION once again in starting a treatment center to help troubled young women gain control of their lives and CREATE a PASSION FILLED LIFE!

Adam currently lives in St. George, Utah with his lovely wife, Rebecca, and their 12 children.

Jessica Hogan

Jessica Hogan

Director of Operations

About Jessica

After a year and several conversations, Mr. Adam finally stole Jessica away from her 11-year career in Utah real estate where she helped develop and run a home builder to running residential brokerages and maintaining her own sales license.

Prior to residing in Utah, Jessica was a native Southern Californian where she graduated with an Accounting degree her first time in college to several certifications from USC in mass communications where she used them in a 13-year career in the Entertainment Industry.

From her vast organizational skills running major Fortune 500 companies to her creative side, she is the missing piece needed at SCINSU.

Our residents quickly begin calling her Aunt Jessica as they come to know her loving maternal nature. Without family of her own, she often states how much SCINSU is fulfilling a void in her life. Even though she’s responsible for running the office and business side of things, it’s her social interaction with the girls that keeps her longing to come back day after day!

We have a gem in Miss Jessica!

Alberto Souza

Alberto Souza

Medical Diretor

About Alberto

Alberto Souza has worked in healthcare for over 10 years. He is a double certified Nurse Practitioner with certification in Psychiatric Mental Health and Family Practice. Alberto began his experience in healthcare as a CNA and then worked as a registered nurse until completing his Master’s Degree in Nursing. Alberto has been working as a Nurse Practitioner since April of 2013.

In addition to his work as a Nurse Practitioner, he also teaches online classes for the Dixie State University Nursing Program. His genuine love for people and desire to continue to learn and improve has allowed him to experience a great deal of success as a provider, to establish a good rapport with patients and to develop lasting relationships with medical professionals in the Southern Utah area. Alberto is also fluent in 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) which allows him to better serve a more diverse population.

Originally from Sao Paulo Brazil, Alberto Souza moved to the U.S. as a teenager where he has had the opportunity to pursue his American Dream. Alberto lives in Southern Utah with his wife and 4 children and is a devoted family man. In his free time, Alberto enjoys time with his family, traveling, biking, swimming and is an avid soccer fan. Alberto shares his love for soccer through coaching local youth teams.

Brent Demille

Brent Demille

UR & Clinical Director

About Brent

Born in Cedar City, Utah Brent moved with his parents and 3 brothers to Las Vegas, Nevada at age 6. He grew up in Las Vegas and was very active in church and Scouting. He and his brothers all became Eagle Scouts.

After graduating from high school and turning 19, Brent volunteered as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Seoul Korea. While there he learned to speak the Korean language.

After his mission experience, Brent attended
Brigham Young University and graduated from BYU with a BS in Psychology. He also met his wife Colleen and they started their family of 7 children. Later, Brent attended the University of Utah where he earned and M.Ed. in Special Education and an MSW in Social Work.

In 1991 Brent and Colleen moved their family to Leeds Utah, a small community in southern Utah in order to begin employment with Southwest Behavioral Health. He worked at this community mental health center as an administrator and a therapist for 28 years.

After retiring from Southwest Behavioral Health in July 2019, Brent accepted a full-time position as Clinical Director with Second Chances in Southern Utah. Brent had also been working part-time as a therapist at Second Chances and had really grown to love the program, the staff, the philosophy and especially the girls.

Brent served on term as Mayor of Leeds and for many years was an active volunteer with the Leeds Fire Department, driving fire trucks and ambulances. “I love working with the youth, that has always been my passion”.
“My other passion is spending time with my family”.

Brent’s hobbies include fishing, gardening, singing and acting, camping and watching science fiction and super-hero movies with my kids and grandkids.

Tanner Burdick

Tanner Burdick

Residential Director

About Tanner

Tanner is Awesome!

Tonya Horlacher

Tonya Horlacher

Admissions Director

About Tonya

I was born and raised in Southern California. I am the oldest of 7 (4 boys and 3 girls). We were raised by 2 hardworking, loving and faith driven parents who wanted opportunities for us.

When I graduated from High School in 1987, I had the opportunity to work at David& Margaret Home in LaVerne, CA – Residential Treatment Center for teenage girls from 12-18yrs old who were wards of the courts. I held a few different positions from 1987-1994 – from running the thrift store & working side by side with the girls, to Running the front Office as the receptionist to being the Foster Care & volunteer coordinator. When I started, I was the same age as many of the girls that lived there. The one thing that was asked by many of the girls to me was, “WHY are you so happy and WHAT makes you so different?” I loved being able to share with them my philosophy of life, BEING POSITIVE and LOVING PEOPLE. I loved the talks that I got to have with the girls and watching them slowly become more positive in their lives.

I then moved to Southern Utah in 1994 and became a Domestic Engineer and raised 4 children (3 girls and 1 boy). I have held many different jobs while raising my children such as a receptionist at an elementary school, then I went to an orthodontic and dental office to be their office manager, then worked at Tuacahn Center for the Arts as one of the house manager in the evenings while enjoying all of the incredible shows on the stage.

Then it all seemed to come full circle and I am blessed to be able to help parents find a program that is positive and safe for their girls. The mission and philosophy of SCINSU is like no other. I love that they believe in POSITIVITY and teaching these girls that being Positive will open doors to their future and growing the good tree and going after your
passions will bring more opportunities to them.

Some of my passions are: MY FAMILY: my Husband of 29 years, My children and 4 Grandchildren, bring me so much joy! FAMILY VACATIONS, I have learned that creating moments of memories are so much more than giving material things that eventually break. Everything I do is centered around my family! I know that FAMILIES bring JOY and THAT IS MY PASSION.

Miss Laurice

Miss Laurice

Academic Director

About Miss Laruice

Miss Laurice, a licensed teacher of 16 years grew up in Price, Utah and was the oldest of 6 siblings.  Coincidentally, she also has 6 children of her own and 6 grandchildren! (I’m seeming a pattern here)

After completing High School where she was on the Drill Team, she then attended Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah.  Both her mother with a computer degree and Laurice with a degree in music education, were able to graduate together as the first in her family to receive a formal education. She is currently working on her master’s degree in English from Harvard. 

The person she most admires is her grandmother who was an example of hard work, gratitude and accepting & loving of everyone.  After a successful duration of time with her daughter in a treatment center, this opened her heart to Second Chances and loves not only teaching our girls but inspiring them to become the best they can be. 

Laurice loves performing in musicals, directing children’s musicals, mountain biking and teaching yoga.  Some of her favorites; the color blue, Thai food, being by the ocean, and is currently planning a trip to Vienna to immerse herself in their art and music culture.  Her greatest adventure so far was to Ethiopia to adopt two children and is very proud of one son who is a Navy corpsman in special forces and planning on becoming a SARC. 

She sang solos in the Messiah as a mezzo soprano with the Southwest Symphony, Orchestra of Southern Utah and a member of the John Houston Gospel Choir as a 1st Alto soloist.

Jessica Cowan

Jessica Cowan


About Jessica
Jessi is awesome!
Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen


About Brian

My name is Brian Hansen and I have been working as a therapist since 1991. I was raised in northern Utah but lived in New York and Connecticut for several years. I also went to school in San Antonio Texas where I received my master’s degree. I have worked in 10 different programs in southern Utah where my wife and I have decided to make our home.

I am the proud father of 6 children with my oldest son just returning from Budapest Hungry, my second daughter living in Brazil and the other 4 are living at home.

We have a huge garden and many fruit trees and enjoy selling at farmers markets during the summer months. We have also enjoyed dabbling in real estate and seem to always be remodeling or fixing up a rental home.

I enjoy skiing, surfing, running my dream
vehicle (a backhoe), the great outdoors of southern Utah and spending time with my wife and kids./p>

Kosol Kim

Kosol Kim


About Chef Kim
Q&A with Chef Kim
My entire life. It has always been my passion since I could remember. I always helped my mom in the kitchen and always sought out new flavors.

Lemon grass herbed Ribeye served with golden creamy mashed potatoes

Mr. Alan

Mr. Alan

Music Director

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