Second Chances Team

Our treatment staff is passionate about promoting learning and growth. It is our life’s mission to help struggling young women recieve a “Second Chance”.

Second Chances Team

Our treatment staff is passionate about promoting learning and growth. It is our life’s mission to help struggling young women recieve a “Second Chance”.

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Meet Our Team

Here at Second Chances in Southern Utah, we know that sometimes great young women find themselves heading down the wrong path pursuing a life that clearly was not meant for them.

Parents, are you struggling to help but feel lost and confused with why your promising young daughter? Is she filling her life with dishonesty, skipping classes, disobeying authority, depressed & full of negativity, angry, abusing drugs and alcohol, hanging out with the wrong group of friends?

If your daughter is involved in any of the above issues we want you to know that we can help!

Executive Director & Founder

Adam AhQuin

Adam grew up in Southern Utah just outside of the St. George area. In high school, he was an accomplished athlete in track, football, wrestling, and gymnastics. After graduating from Hurricane High School in Southern Utah, Adam volunteered his time for two years in serving an ecclesiastical mission in the Philippines and learned to speak Tagalog proficiently.

Upon returning to the United States he accepted a full ride scholarship to Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah as a Gymnastics Coach.  While at the University Adam started his first treatment center for troubled boys. Before finishing his last year of college he was given a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of performing with the World Entertainment company mainly with Sea World in San Diego. He reluctantly sold his successful treatment center but looked forward to performing with World Entertainment.  While in San Diego he continued to coach gymnastics during the day and performed in the evenings. After several years of performing, he came back to SUU and finished his Degree in Psychology and once again coached the Universty’s women’s gymnastics team.

Once he finished his Degree he moved to Virginia to coach the private gymnastics club of GMS in Mananas for three years. Gymnastics has always been a passion, but so has influencing others for better and changing lives. It was in Virginia that Adam was able to really hone in on the true PASSION of his coaching. This PASSION is simply that; “I love to help people GROW!” It was in Virginia that Adam had the privilege of working with an amazing group of young women and their families. The strong connection with these young ladies and the success that followed changed Adam forever and shaped what is now The SCINSU GROWING PRINCIPLES: Open Mind, Hard Work, Positive Attitude, Integrity and Passion Interest Mapping!  Because of these relationships coaching has been so fulfilling!  After this incredible time in Virginia Adam then came back to Salt Lake City, Utah to be the Director and Principal for The Mana Academy K-12, a charter school with an emphasis in Polynesian culture.  It was this experience that sparked Adams INTEREST and PASSION once again in starting a treatment center to help troubled young women gain control of their lives and CREATE a PASSION FILLED LIFE!

Adam currently lives in Hurricane, Utah with his lovely wife, Rebecca, and six children.

Kathrine Whittekiend

Kathrine Whittekiend

Educational Director

Meet Kathy

Kathrine Whittekiend has recently accepted the position of Headmaster at Second Chances in Southern Utah (SCINSU) where she will serve as principal of the school as well as coordinate the school’s accreditation team. She comes to this position with a varied and extensive educational background. Most recently she was the Educational Director at a private school and Lead Evaluator for one of Advanc-ed’s External Review Teams.

Kathrine earned her B.A. degree from Southern Utah University in English Literature with an emphasis in education. She is certified to teach middle school (grades 5-9) and high school (grades 7-12) in English, Reading, and English as a Second Language (ESL), Geography, and German. She received her M.Ed. degree from Utah State University in education and educational administration and is certified as an educational administrator.

Kathrine taught public school and administered the ESL and Homebound programs for Iron County School District for 31 years. She went on to work at the Utah State Office of Education as the Education Specialist for English language learners where her responsibilities included creating, presenting, and administering professional development for ESL teachers in Utah’s 40 districts. In addition, she held the position as the Compliance Specialist for Title III programs for the State.

She has been a consultant for Provo, Nebo, Millard, and Iron school districts in their ESL endorsement programs and is an adjunct instructor for SUU’s ESL endorsement classes.

Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen


Meet Brian

My name is Brian Hansen and I have been working as a therapist since 1991.  I was raised in northern Utah but lived in New York and Connecticut for several years. I also went to school in San Antonio Texas where I received my master’s degree. I have worked in 10 different programs in southern Utah where my wife and I have decided to make our home.

I am the proud father of 6 children with my oldest son just returning from Budapest Hungry, my second daughter living in Brazil and the other 4 are living at home.  We have a huge garden and many fruit trees and enjoy selling at farmers markets during the summer months.  We have also enjoyed dabbling in real estate and seem to always be remolding or fixing up a rental home.  I enjoy skiing, surfing, running my dream vehicle (a backhoe), the great outdoors of southern Utah and spending time with my wife and kids.