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Fully Accredited

SCINSU school is a fully accredited high school functioning under the guidelines and standards of the Utah State Office of Education and AdvancEd, an accrediting body that accredits 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.

To get this accreditation SCINSU wentthrough a 2-year process created to stimulate, support and guide a program of continuousimprovement and growth.

We offer a regular high school program for students ages 12-18. All our core classes, except math, have a licensed teacher to lead, facilitate, and teach the curriculum.

In math, we use the BYU Independent Study program where we have access to licensed teachers and trained tutors. We also have a math teacher who comes in the afternoons to supplement the program. We also have the capability to offer credit recovery when needed, as many of our students come to us behind in their schooling.

Individualized Approach

When students arrive, they are given the WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Test) to determine any academic needs as well as give us a baseline for measuring growth while they attend SCINSU.

We give this as a pre and post test.

Each student also receives the Woodcock-Johnson Academic Achievement test to screen for special needs.